Venus DeMilo Wedding

Venus DeMilo wedding

Star Wars Themed Wedding at The Venus DeMilo

Swansea, MA

Shaina & Justin found me for their Venus DeMilo wedding through their friends, and DSP Couple, Ashley & Aaron. Ashley let Shaina know that my personality and style would be a great fit for their Star Wars themed wedding day. She was SO right!

Upon arriving at Shaina’s hotel room, I knew we were a match made in heaven. Everyone was super laid back. It was clear family and friends were the focus of the day. Everyone was excited to have a great time. If there were any nerves, the couple did not show them at all!

First Look Feels

I have definitely become a strong supporter in first looks over the years. When Shaina let me know that they chose to do a first look, I was stoked! First looks really help the wedding day schedule. It allows ample time for photographs, so you don’t feel rushed and can enjoy your wedding day together.

Venus DeMilo Wedding_0224.jpg
Venus DeMilo Wedding_0225.jpg
Venus DeMilo Wedding_0227.jpg
Venus DeMilo Wedding_0226.jpg
Venus DeMilo Wedding_0228.jpg
Venus DeMilo Wedding_0229.jpg
Venus DeMilo Wedding_0230.jpg
Venus DeMilo Wedding_0231.jpg
Rain in the Forecast

Thunderstorms were in the forecast for Shaina and Justin’s wedding day. They made a last-minute decision to move their ceremony indoors at the Venus DeMilo. Luckily this was perfect as there were indeed torrential downpours during their ceremony time! 

Thankfully, the storms cleared in time for us to get photos of the family and couple outside! The Venus is located right on RT. 6, making the location very easy to get to. Behind the banquet hall, the parking lot sits right on the river. It was the perfect spot for newlywed photos!

Venus DeMilo Wedding_0245.jpg
Venus DeMilo Wedding_0247.jpg
Venus DeMilo Wedding_0248.jpg
Venus DeMilo Wedding_0249.jpg
Venus DeMilo Wedding_0250.jpg
Venus DeMilo Wedding_0235.jpg

Star Wars for the Win

My new slogan should be “Danyel Stapleton Photography, for those who love all things Fantasy/Sci-Fi”. I could really get behind that. When I photograph weddings that have theming that I absolutely LOVE, I am in such a happy place. Seeing all the Star Wars details was so awesome. Millennium Falcon boutonnieres, Lightsaber bouquets, R2D2 centerpieces… all was right in the world.

Venus DeMilo Wedding_0234.jpg
Venus DeMilo Wedding_0236.jpg
Venus DeMilo Wedding_0240.jpg
Venus DeMilo Wedding_0237.jpg
Venus DeMilo Wedding_0238.jpg
Venus DeMilo Wedding_0239.jpg
Venus DeMilo Wedding_0232.jpg
Venus DeMilo Wedding_0241.jpg
Venus DeMilo Wedding_0244.jpg
Venus DeMilo Wedding_0242.jpg
Venus DeMilo Wedding_0243.jpg
Venus DeMilo Wedding_0246.jpg

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