Tirrell Room Wedding

terrell room wedding

It has taken me a whole year to get Annalee and Kyle’s Tirrell Room wedding blogged, but here it is! One year later, I can honestly say, I still absolutely ADORE these two. Some couples are just madly in love. You can see it from the very first meeting. Kyle and Annalee are one of those couples. I instantly bonded with them when I found out they were brought together by a Third Eye Blind quote. Third Eye Blind isn one of my favorite bands and I dare say it’s rare that I meet anyone that feels the same! From our first meeting, to the engagement session, to the wedding day, Annalee and Kyle continued to amaze me with their love of each other.

boho wedding at tirrell room Quincy MA

A Starry Night Wedding

Annalee makes FANTASTIC cookies and made all of the favors for the wedding. Her starry night wedding theme continued through the invitation suite, table centerpieces, and bouquet charm. Angelic Affairs NAILED the florals, overflowing with eucalyptus. Kyle wrote lyrics from Led Zeppelin’s “Thank You” in Annalee’s shoe. It was the perfect, romantic surprise.

If the sun refused to shine,

I would still be loving you.

If mountains crumble to the see,

It would still be you and me.

-Led Zeppelin
Quincy MA wedding photographer

A Quiet Moment

There’s nothing I love more than small, intimate weddings. I enjoy the quiet moments before the ceremony. It’s amazing when family and friends are enjoying time together, not running around like crazies. In those quiet moments, documenting the details, the deep breaths, the pure emotions, I find my happy place.

Tirrell Room Wedding | Groom Portraits | Danyel Stapleton Photography
South Shore MA wedding venue Tirrell Room
bride getting ready at terrell room bridal suite
Tirrell Room wedding portraits

A Rainy Day Wedding

The rain did not stop this couple’s outdoor wedding. Even though it was sprinkling, the show went on! Guests (and photographer) put on their rain coats, got umbrellas and watched the two exchange vows in the warm Spring rain.

Tirrell Room Wedding photographer Danyel Stapleton Photography
Tirrell Room outdoor ceremony
Rainy wedding at Tirrell Room Quincy MA
Indoor wedding portraits at Tirrell Room Quincy MA
Indoor Wedding Portraits | Tirrell Room Wedding | Danyel Stapleton Photography Quincy MA
Tirrel Room Wedding in the rain | Quincy MA | Danyel Stapleton Photography | Rainy Wedding Photos
Rainy Day Wedding | Tirrell Room Quincy MA | Danyel Stapleton Photography
vintage engagement ring | Tirrell Room Wedding | Quincy MA | Danyel Stapleton Photography
Swirled Sugar Cotton Candy Wedding Photos at Tirrell Room Quincy MA
Swirled Sugar provided THE MOST delicious all organic cotton candy.

A Monster Wedding Reception

Sometimes the beauty of a smaller wedding is you can put a lot of attention on the details. The venue was decorated beautifully. Our DJ was on point. Annalee baked 2 wedding cakes for cake cutting! Swirled Sugar was spinning cotton candy for guests. And last, but not least, Wally came for a visit!!

Wally the Green Monster Wedding appearance | Tirrell Room Wedding | Danyel Stapleton Photography
rain wedding photos | Providence Wedding Photography | Danyel Stapleton Photography

The Signature Night Photo

As always, this Tirrell Room wedding ending with my signature night photo. Kyle and Annalee ventured out into the rain one last time to get some epic night photos. It is always my favorite way to end the day.

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