The Gift of Boudoir Photography

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Are you considering giving the gift of boudoir photography? No gift has quite the same kind of return on investment as a boudoir session! It’s the perfect way to surprise your partner on your wedding day, or birthday. It’s also an even BETTER way to TREAT YOURSELF!

Your partner will love a sexy little album!

You better believe it! What in the world do they love more than you? Maybe tacos… but other than that, you win. I have watched grooms tear up looking at their future wife’s boudoir album. It’s a gift so personal and so special, you will surely get number one partner of the year!

You will feel AMAZING.

Amazing is an understatement. Coming into your boudoir photography session can be a bit daunting. But once you get rolling, you will find your inner super model! There’s nothing better than when I flip my camera around to show a babe how hot she looks. Girl… I got you.

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Treat yourself to some sexy lingerie!

If you’re anything like me, it may be a rare occasion to get some sexy lingerie. Between, work, kids, and life in general, I am usually the one that takes the back burner. Its rare that I grab a new outfit for myself, never mind a cute ass teddy! A boudoir session is the perfect tie to hit up Savage Fenty, Aerie, or Torrid! Even Amazon Lingerie has a great selection!

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Celebrate you!

For real though, the NUMBER ONE reason to book a boudoir session is to celebrate YOU! Things to celebrate: a promotion, a new job, telling your old job to shove it, weight loss, weight gain, reaching an accountability goal… all awesome reasons.

Here’s an even better reason: You are perfect just as you are right now. You are a queen, a rockstar, a freaking goddess! Yup, that’s you. Show that shit off.

Providence boudoir photography

Are you ready to rock this?

YES YOU ARE! So what’s next? First, shoot me a message so I can start planning your boudoir photography session. Next, celebrate the fact that you are doing something for YOU (and maybe your special someone too). Then, start planning what super cute outfits you’re going to wear during our session!!!

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