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I use a limited number of Lightroom presets as part of my daily workflow. Usually, I like to keep my images pretty clean and timeless. With the mounting number of Lightroom presets on the market, it’s often difficult to determine which would work for my business. Sleeklens contacted me to see if I’d give their Strike a Pose Workflow a go, so I did!

I initially did some investigating to see if I would like these of the bat. While the images represented on the website were beautiful, but more vibrant and contrasty than my style. I have to say, I went in skeptical. So, I decided to try the presets out on some studio work versus my typical outdoors, light and airy style of shooting. I got all set up with a Christmas backdrop and captured some images of my dogs and kids.

Here is my review of Sleeklens Strike a Pose Workflow

As expected, most of the presets were a little more saturated and punchy than I like. However, I did find one that worked really well for this set of photos called “Edgy Radiance”. I did pull back the vignette a bit and lower the clarity. What I absolutely LOVED was the option to layer different presets. I have had many a red nose due to the New England chill and having a one click “reduce red skin” is fantastic. The number of brushes included was also amazing. I could see using them for not only portraits, but newborn photography also.

Overall the collection was nice. I liked the color correction, tint options, and brushes best. The all in one presets were too heavy handed for my taste, but could easily be tweaked and adjusted.

Check out Sleeklens Strike a Pose Workflow HERE. Sleeklens also offers editing (which I have not tried). They also offer tons of tutorials and examples on their Pinterest HERE.


GSP Christmas Photos

Bowzer was thrilled to dress for the occasion

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