Preparing for your Senior Portrait Session | 5 Easy tips

Fall is on its way, and if you haven’t already scheduled your senior pictures, you are about to! So how should you get ready for your session?

Here are 5 easy tips to have you rock star ready for your photo shoot!

  1. Stay out of the sun, tanning booths, and away from spray tan! Yes, it may look great in person, but it just doesn’t translate well in photos. We’ve all seen Hollywood’s oompaloompa orange stars. Don’t be one of them! Sun burns and peeling skin are difficult to remove in post processing, so just don’t do it!
  2. Don’t test out any new hair colors or cuts. If you decide to try something totally different a few days before your shoot, and HATE it, you may not have time to get it fixed. And don’t forget to ask your photographer about having professional hair and makeup for your session 😉
  3. Fingers and toes – don’t forget about them. Nails should be well manicured, free from chipping polish, and no crazy color nail polish. It’s hard to bring attention to your face when your toe nails are screaming LIME GREEN!
  4. Water & Sleep. These are the secrets to beauty. The week leading up to your session, drink your 8 glasses a day. You’ll be amazed how radiant and beautiful well hydrated skin is! And they don’t call it “beauty sleep” for nothing! Get at least 8 hours the night before your session.
  5. RELAX! Yes, it’s weird being in front of the camera. But trust me, every bit of tension will show in your photos. Take a deep breath and HAVE FUN! Most of all, choose a photographer that you love and makes you feel comfortable. Or see if you can bring a friend to your shoot. Being relaxed really makes all the difference between an okay senior portrait session and a ROCK STAR photo shoot!
preparing for a senior portrait session

preparing for your senior portrait session

After booking with Danyel Stapleton Seniors you get this plus a TON of other info on how to get ready for your senior portrait session. Danyel makes sure your ready with hair, makeup, outfits, and locations. Every session is customized to each individual senior. You will always be prepared and ready to rock come the big day!

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