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The studio Hope Artiste Village is up and running! One of the biggest reasons I wanted a space was to be able to offer Providence RI boudoir sessions all year round. Boudoir photography has been extremely enjoyable for me over the years. I love getting to hang out and talk with the gals. Making you feel amazing is unbelievably rewarding. Boudoir is this super empowering, wonderful experience.

My Journey to Film Photography

One of the most rewarding parts of the studio space has been challenging myself with a new (old) medium, film photography. First of all, it had been 20+ years since I had last loaded film into a 35mm camera! However, I have found that I absolutely LOVE the look that film gives my photos, especially for boudoir.

The Studio Space

My studio in Hope Artiste Village is seriously a dream come true! Above all, the Law of Attraction and visualization, because for real… that works. That’s my story and I am sticking to it!

Filled with natural light, white walls, whitewashed brick, the space is perfection. The studio has so much room for many different sets. I love being able to switch from the bright natural light to a fashion editorial flash photography set up in minutes.

Scheduling Your Boudoir Session

I love shooting boudoir during the day while the sun is pouring through the large windows at the studio. However, night time is also great for the high fashion, magazine looking lighting that I love to play with! Depending on your style, we can get you scheduled appropriately. Shoot me a message to get your boudoir session started!

Providence RI Boudoir Photographer_0198.jpg
Providence RI Boudoir Photographer_0203.jpg
Providence RI Boudoir Photographer_0199.jpg
Providence RI Boudoir Photographer_0200.jpg
Providence RI Boudoir Photographer_0204.jpg
Providence RI Boudoir Photographer_0205.jpg
Providence RI Boudoir Photographer_0206.jpg
Providence RI Boudoir Photographer_0201.jpg
Providence RI Boudoir Photographer_0207.jpg
Providence RI Boudoir Photographer_0202.jpg
Providence RI Boudoir Photographer_0208.jpg

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