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Providence Boudoir Photography
Valentine’s Day Mini Sessions

Are you looking for Providence boudoir photography? You’ve come to the right place! I absolutely ADORE working with women during their boudoir sessions. It really gives me a chance to talk to someone. Finding out about their friends, family, and relationships is so much fun! It’s amazing how comfortable people are when you get them in their skivvies!

Why Boudoir?

Most of my clients are doing a boudoir photography session for their significant other. While this may be the main purpose of your session, don’t let it be the only. Boudoir photography is not only for your partner, but for YOU! Taking time out to pamper yourself is always a welcome pleasure. However, the reaction I get from most women AFTER the session, is how wonderful the session made them feel.

I Didn’t Know I Looked Like That!

As women sometimes we see ourselves slightly different than others. We are constantly scrutinizing our looks, our work performance, our parenting skills, basically everything. We rarely take the time to really step back and lookout how extroidinary we are. That’s what I am here for. I want you to be blown away when you see what I see.

What’s Next…

Ready to schedule your session now?! Perfect. Drop me a note here. Still undecided and have more questions? That’s cool too! Message me and I can walk you through the whole process, or follow the blog for more info on planning your Providence boudoir session!


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  1. Ariel says:

    I love the idea of a boudoir shoot for myself! I can see it being empowering & uplifting to my soul, I love even more that you are in Providence. Your photography is gorgeous & sexy! 

  2. What a great way to have a lady look and feel like the best and sexiest version of herself! A boudoir mini or full session is so great to offer and explain how much fun it can be. This Providence Boudoir photography set is a great example! 

  3. I love your boudoir photography from Providence! I’ve been fortunate to see a couple grooms open their surprise albums of their fiance’s boudoir shoot, and it’s always SUCH a great surprise for them. These are so beautiful, I can’t imagine how great your client felt when she saw them. Beautiful work!

  4. Cathie Berrey Green says:

    such beautiful boudoir photography by Danyel Stapleton. I love these type of sessions that are centered around empowerment and making oneself feel beautiful. 

  5. Amy Thompson says:

    I agree, a boudoir session doesn’t have to be just for your partner but really can make yourself feel beautiful.  Danyel Stapleton Photography really knows her boudoir photography.  This session is really gorgeous!

  6. Wow, such a great set of boudoir images! A great gift for yourself, or your partner. A boudoir photo session is a great confidence booster!

  7. Very tastefully captured boudoir photography!  Every woman should experience a boudoir session at some point in their lives.  Danyel Stapleton should be your go to photographer for boudoir in Providence, Rhode Island!  

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