Point Judith Lighthouse Engagement Photos

Point Judith Lighthouse engagement photos are always beautiful! Point Judith has forever been one of my favorite Southern Rhode Island destinations. While my parents were NOT beach people, they loved watching the fishing boats come in while eating at Champlins or George’s. In turn, whenever I have the chance to had down that way, I am super excited!

Like any Spring day by the ocean, it is cold and windy! And while it’s not always ideal for wedding day portraits, I LOVE the whimsical feel the wind blowing gives to engagement photos. With the lighthouse perfectly pictured in the background, we braved the chilly weather and made some gorgeous Point Judith Lighthouse engagement photos!

Planning your Beach Engagement Session

Beach sessions are always more cozy in the summer. Unfortunately, cozy doesn’t just mean warm, it means LOTS of people! I always encourage couples to brave the cooler off season weather when panning any beach session.

I always aim for the hour leading up to sunset for the most beautiful light. Sunrise light is equally as gorgeous and beaches are EMPTY at sunrise year round! If you want warm, sunrise is the WAY TO GO!

Outfits should be casual enough to run through the sand and maybe even into the water! Long flowing dresses are always my favorite. Be ready to shed your shoes and get a little messy! You can also bring a blanket that matches your outfits to wrap up in, sit on, or use as a cape (because you’re a superhero).

If you are ready to start planning your engagement session, shoot me a message! I will help through every aspect of planning! Engagement sessions are so much fun. They are a great chance for us to really get to know each other! Get ready to laugh, be silly, and make beautiful images!!!

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