Planning One Year Cake Smash Photos

Planning One Year Cake Smash Photos

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It has been a year already?! Can you believe it? Your baby isn’t quite a baby anymore and it’s time to start planning One Year portraits. The milestone that I love for a one year old is standing unassisted.

The Outfit

I recommend choosing 2 outfits for your child’s one year photos. One outfit will be for a more formal, clean, set of pictures. The other is the cake smash outfit. Keeping in the same color palette is a great idea so your photos all compliment each other.

There are a TON of places to find a great cake smash outfit. I personally love looking out for deals on Zulily and Amazon. Etsy also has many wonderful artisans that specialize in cake smash attire.

Planning One Year Cake Smash Photos

Gold and pink are clearly my favorite color combination! I LOVE this ombre cake that matched Nadia’s outfit.

The Cake

Most parents don’t consider how important cake flavor is during a cake smash. The piece of advice I give, please avoid any “poop” colored cake or frosting. This means no chocolate anything! Unfortunately, as the running joke goes, is it poop or chocolate, definitely comes into play.

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Themes and Colors

This is the fun part! I love working with families in picking just the right colors or theme for the session. The cake smash is always on a paper floor for easy cleanup, however the backdrop can be customized to what you love!

cake smash photo shoot MA

Most Importantly

Cake smashes are all about letting your little one let loose and have fun! It gets messy, and that’s okay. I do have a warning. Some babies do not like being messy. Other babies hate the taste of this sugary sweet craziness we call cake. A lot of babies are at peak stranger danger phase and hate the lady with the black box in front of her face. So just like any part of parenthood, expect anything! Cake smashes can go wonderfully, or they can be a big cry fest. Believe it or not, sometimes the crying is equally as cute!

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