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newborn portraits

Everything You Need to Know About Your Newborn Portrait Session

Congratulations! Welcoming a new baby into your home is such a big challenge. It’s my job to make sure your newborn portrait session goes as smoothly as possible! Here are some quick tips to get you ready for your upcoming photos.

Book Early!

Schedule your newborn session when you are in your second – third trimester. Babies are tricky. You never know when they are going to decide to arrive early, or late, or somewhere in between. Maternity sessions are best done in your third trimester, if you decide to add one add.

Newborn sessions are scheduled when the baby is 5 – 10 days old. This is important as babies change so quickly. Newborns also sleep the best during this time period, which is imperative for safe posing. Older babies can definitely be great also, but the time frame is a magic window.

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Choose a Color Scheme

I come prepared with all the props, headbands, backdrops, but having a general color scheme in mind definitely helps. My general style is muted and neutral colors. If you have additional pieces you want to add in, let me know! I try to stick to 2 or 3 colors so you have a cohesive look in your gallery.

Babies Like it Hot

First thing I will do upon arriving at your home is tell you to crank the heat! Your little bundle will most likely be in her skivvies, or less, for most of the session. After spending nine months at a cozy 98.6° womb, even 80° will feel a little cool. The magic thermostat temperature is around 83°. I also bring a space heater with me to make sure your little one is cozy throughout the session.

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Crying, Spit Up, and Poop

Unfortunately, it comes with the territory. As a newborn photographer, these things do not bother me one bit. I get peed on at every newborn session. Most importantly, I clean all backdrops and props after each session. Lastly, babies do not like being posed and moved around while they are trying to sleep. Can you imagine how annoying that must be?! So in turn, there will be some crying and protests. They don’t phase me at all. I am a fan of the binky if you use one!

Use This Time to Relax

Lord knows you need the rest. Take the time that I am in your home to just chill out. If I need you for anything, I will let you know. I really want you to take some time to just breath.

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