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Newborn Photography North Smithfield RI

Normally I travel to clients for newborn photography sessions. I have found the majority of new parents find this super easy! However, as my business has grown and I’ve become much busier with my kids, I am starting to offer newborn sessions in my home. So I am sure you are wondering which location is best for you, and why!

When I come to you

Newborn photography on your home is definitely very convenient! You don’t have to pack anything up. There is little stress of arriving on time. Most of all, it is the best option for newborns that have younger siblings. Little siblings are most comfortable in their own environment. They are able to hop in for a photo with their new baby brother or sister, then go back to playing.

When I prepare for an on location newborn session, it’s pretty intense. It takes me about an hour or so to go through all the props, blankets, and newborn accessories. When traveling I can only bring what will fit in my car. I put together a few different set ups and fill a bag with props. I have to bring backdrops, so I usually choose 1 or 2. My camera bag, newborn posing bean bag (it’s really big), backdrop stand, light stand, light modifiers, and my camera bag, all get loaded in the day of your session. I drive it all to your home and spend another half hour unloading and setting up. Your session can last up to three hours. Then I spend another half hour breaking everything down. I spend almost the same amount of time on a in home newborn session as I do on a wedding!

As you can imagine, with so much work going into an in home newborn session, the cost for the client is a little bit higher than what I can offer when you come to me. Want to learn more on your in home newborn session, check out this blog post!

When you come to me

When you come to me, I have all my newborn supplies at hand. I can bring in oodles of props and blankets, as well as all my backdrops right here. I set up right in my living room. You are able to cozy up on my couch, have a coffee, even watch some tv while here! I have two kids, so toys are a plenty if younger siblings are joining us. While it’s not as convenient as me coming to you, sometimes it’s nice to get a change of scenery when you’ve been stuck in the house the past few days!

The best part of coming to me is you get a discount off your session fee. I save enough time not having to travel, I can pass those savings on to you. We are a pet friendly home, so if dogs aren’t your thing, let’s keep your session at your home. While the pups stay crated while we have guests, you can absolutely go say hi and give them love. Fenway & Bowzer love new friends!

Ready to book your newborn photography session?

Newborn sessions are best when your baby is 5-14 days old. Contacting me prior to the birth date is always best. Now, that doesn’t always happen, and that’s okay too! Newborn sessions are scheduled Monday through Friday, from 10am to 1pm. Have more questions? Drop me a note! Can’t wait to meet you and your new bundle!

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