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When I became a mother it was surreal. The only way I could describe it to non-parents was, it’s like a piece of your heart now exists outside of your body. Every moment with a newborn is a small wonder. Everything is new, for babe and mother. The bond that forms is one of the most special things in life.

I love watching new mothers with their babies. There’s something that bonds us when we become Moms. As experienced mothers, watching a new mom brings back all the memories of our first few weeks. The amount of things you learn about being a mother, about how babies work, is overwhelming at first.

I can’t believe how much changed when I held my first born. He was the first infant I ever held. Yet after only minutes, he felt so natural in my arms, like he couldn’t possibly belong anywhere else.

Every newborn session I love being let into those special mother/child moments. The nursing, the cuddles, the rocking; they all bring me back to those first few weeks with my own babies. I love that I am able to relive these moments through my newborn clients. I thank you all for letting me into your homes and your lives.

Southeastern Massachusetts Newborn Photographer Danyel Stapleton provides maternity photography, newborn photography, family portraits, and high school senior portraits in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Located in North Smithfield, RI, Danyel Stapleton Photography services RI and Southeastern MA, included but not limited to: Attleboro, Foxboro, Wrentham, Franklin, Uxbridge, Blackstone, and Worcester areas.

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