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It’s no secret that I LOVE working with women. I love boudoir because I can bring out confidence and power in a woman. Maternity photography highlights exactly what makes women so amazing; WE MAKE BABIES! When you combine boudoir with maternity, I am in heaven.

In the Studio

Danyel Stapleton Photography studio is located conveniently outside Providence at Hope Artiste Village. Filled with beautiful natural light and countless backdrops, the studio is the perfect place for boudoir photography in RI. I love keeping things simple a clean, showcasing YOUR natural beauty.

What to Wear for Maternity Boudoir Portraits

First, choose outfits that you are comfortable in! There is nothing worse than being uncomfortable when growing a baby. I love long flowing dresses, simple bra and panty sets, and maternity gowns.

What to wear maternity boudoir photography session
maternity boudoir
dancer maternity portraits Hope Artiste Village
maternity portraits RI
maternity photographer RI
black lace maternity gown in boudoir portraits RI
maternity boudoir portraits RI

Scheduling your session

Scheduling your maternity boudoir photography session is EASY PEASY! Drop me a note and I will be in touch shortly. I will send over pricing and everything else you need to know!

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