A Second Perspective | Lakeview Pavilion Wedding

Lakeview Pavilion Wedding

Foxboro, MA

Aside from running my own portrait and event photography business, I also have the privilege of second shooting for George Street Photo & Video. Second shooting gives a whole different perspective to the day. I am truly in the shadows, in the background – a wall flower.

My day typically starts hanging out with the guys- which I adore. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my bride’s, but the laid back, carefree attitude of the groomsmen really set the flow of the day for me! Once the ceremony starts, I am wherever the primary photographer isn’t. I may not be a part of the formal photos, but am often at cocktail hour. I’m the reason you get to see what your guests got to eat while you were cheesin’ for your family photos!

My goal as a second is to be almost invisible to the Bride & Groom. It’s more like ninja status wedding photographer. And although I may not be a HUGE part of your day, I like to think that when the couple goes through their album, they are happily surprised at all the “in between” moments they may have missed.

Here is my Second Perspective of a Lakeview Pavilion wedding, photographed for George Street Photo & Video,

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