Indian Ranch Wedding

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Acacia and Wayne had a beautiful Indian Ranch wedding in Webster, MA. The groom teaches country western line dancing and that’s how they came together. The wedding reflected not only their love for each other, but their love of dance, music, and their friends and family.

Love of Music

A few months ago I got my wedding invitation in the mail, two tickets to the Learned Wedding. It was one of the most unique invitations I have ever seen! The couples’ love of music continues throughout the decor. Guests signed records as a guest book. 45s were on the table centerpieces.

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Indian Ranch Wedding
Indian Princess at Indian Ranch
Indian Ranch Ferry

Love of Dance

Wayne and Acacia made a grand entrance into the ballroom at Indian Ranch. They two-stepped their way to the dance floor while their guests applauded. We were able to jump on the Indian Ranch stage for a gorgeous rock n roll night shot. It was such a unique wedding venue!

Indian Ranch Wedding Reception
Custom leather work Webster ma
Indian Ranch Wedding_0137.jpg
Indian Ranch Wedding wedding reception
For Goodness Cakes
cake cutting
parent dances
line dancing

Love of Family & Friends

Indian Ranch is a great venue for smaller, more intimate weddings. The lakeside ceremony was a perfect way for everyone to feel a part of the ceremony. The reception space is huge! There was plenty of room for Wayne to teach a dance to their guests. It was apparent how close everyone at the wedding was. It was such a pleasure to be with such a fun group!

Indian Ranch Wedding_0143.jpg

Big thanks to Indian Ranch, DJ Jim Harvey, For Goodness Cakes, and most of all Jessica Tones Photography for being my associate for the day.

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