A Second’s Perspective | Hillside Country Club Wedding

Hillside Country Club Wedding
Rehoboth, MA

It was my pleasure to second shoot for George Street once again at this Hillside Country Club wedding. As per my usual second shooter duties, I met up with the guys prior to the ceremony. It was a hot summer day and the boys were lounging on the porch when I arrived. While the girls are primping, the guys were enjoying beer and pizza. A man’s perfect way to start a wedding day!
weddings providenceSHOE RENTALS providence weddingsprovidence weddingsAfter the guys were all dapper, we headed to the church. Located on the east side of Providence, the church was the perfect spot for formal portraits.Hanging out in the shade of the towering Catholic Cathedral, we finished up all the groom’s photos before heading inside to await his bride.

The church was stunning, but was dull in comparison to the beautiful bride. Emotions were high as she walked down the aisle, escorted by her mom and dad. The ceremony was traditional and lovely. I loved watching the side glances and smiles between the couple at the alter.

providence ri weddingsgroomsmengroom portraitsRI photosFIRST LOOK WEDDINGSchurches providencecountry club weddinghillside country clubwedding photographymassachusetts wedding venuespastel pink flowersHillside Country Club is tucked away in Rehoboth, MA, about 15 minutes from Providence. We arrived as the sun was starting to set. Which as you may know, is my favorite time for photos! The cocktail hour was taking place on the patio outside. The bridal party was able to peak up at the guests. The venue was attentive to their needs, bringing out cold drinks and appetizers for every one.

The Hillside Country Club wedding reception ballroom was beautiful. Light and airy, opening up to the outdoor patio. The dance floor is big and there was plenty of space for the wedding guests. The venue complimented the couple’s white, gold, and blush wedding colors perfectly.

HILLSIDE COUNTRY CLUB MAPRovidence wedding venuewedding reception MAwedding cakehillside country clubhillside country club MA

All images by Danyel Stapleton Photography for George Street Photo & Video

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