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Watercolor Collection

When Greater Than Gatsby approached me to review their Lightroom Presets, I was all aboard! I have always loved GTG presets, and actually own, and use, the Wedding Collection. The Watercolor Collection most reflected my current edit process, so I will be speaking to those.

The Watercolor Film Collection emulates true film and was inspired by the minty tones of Fuji Pro 400H. This collection is bright and airy with hints of pastel undertones and an emphasis on soft and peachy skin tones.

-from GTG website

One Click Wonders

The Watercolor Collection comes with what is considered “one click presets”. Meaning, you shouldn’t have to adjust the preset to achieve the desired look. GTG does include quick adjustments like lens correction, grain, and sharpening to layer with the presets.

The 23 artistic edits all have a slightly different tone, some are muted and matte, others more vibrant. They all have a similar feel. While the preset emulate the style of Fuji 400h, I didn’t feel that they would match film scans.

Trying the Presets

Here is a sample of the different edits from the Watercolor Collection. I approached these all with the “one click” method.

Greater Than Gatsby Watercolor Collection
Greater Than Gatsby Watercolor Collection

I really enjoyed playing with these presets and may work some of them into my creative work. Many of the edits were matte/muted, which is not always my favorite style. I found the Lucerne most fit my typical edit style. With so many options at such a low price, you can’t go wrong with the set. I could easily get lost trying each one to see what I like best!

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