Every Woman Deserves Boudoir Photography

Women Deserve Boudoir Photography

Boudoir Photography is something I deeply enjoy. There are many reasons, but number one is making women feel beautiful. Every woman deserves to feel beautiful. No matter your age, size, marital status, YOU are gorgeous!

Why I Loved my Boudoir Session

At the beginning of the year, I finally got the courage to schedule a boudoir session of my own. I met a photographer that I connected with, Leah Coughlin, and knew it was time to get in front of the camera. At 38, I’m no spring chick. After two C-sections, I have my mom stripes. I am the heaviest I have been since I was pregnant. No new clothes, or workouts, or diets were implemented. I didn’t say, “I have to lose weight first”, I didn’t say, “I have to buy new outfits first’. I made no excuses, scheduled my session and I went.

To prepare for my session, I went through my drawers and closet and pulled out some bra and panty sets I already had. I spent a whopping $15 on a 4 pack of fishnets from Amazon. In my bag I packed: 2 bras, 1 thong, 1 high waisted slimming panty, a cardigan sweater, and a leopard print body suit shaper. That’s right, I packed my Spanx! The day of I had my hair and makeup professionally done. It was the biggest treat and made me feel spectacular!

Leah made me comfortable. We laughed and talked shop. When I got my gallery back, I was floored. Did I love every photo? Absolutely not. However, I did like the majority. That’s when I realized, “Hey – I am beautiful”.

I Learned a Lot From in Front of the Camera

Finally, I can say I know what it’s like to be in your heels! Been there, done that! Honestly, it hasn’t changed too much of how I operate my boudoir sessions, aside from HIGHLY recommending professional makeup. During my sessions I talk quite a bit. Sometimes my boudoir clients say I talk so much they forget that they are in their underwear. That is my goal. You should feel so comfortable with me, you forget that you’re doing something a little out of the ordinary.

When Should You Book Your Boudoir Session?

Now. Plain and simple. Stop making excuses. You are perfect just the way you are. Many people asked me who I was doing my session for, and I honestly did it for myself. Yes, I gave my boyfriend a little gift, but overall, it was a special treat for me.

The Details on Your Boudoir Photography Session with DSP

After you choose your package, we start planning outfits. I have a private Facebook group with tons of information. I LOVE using Pinterest for ideas! Sessions take place at a hotel, typically in the Providence area. The day of your session, the hair and makeup artist will meet us in the room and get you to next level gorgeous. When we start shooting, I say start with the outfit you’re most comfortable in. I pose every inch of you. It’s not always comfortable, but it looks good! After your session, it take about 1-2 weeks to get your gallery. Finally you get to the good part! You are able to choose the images you love. Lastly, we put through your print order and you get an awesome gift, for yourself or your someone special.


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Model: Nicole
Hair and Makeup: ModMakeup
Location: The Dean Hotel, Providence

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