Planning Your Engagement Photo Outfits

What to Wear
Engagement Sessions

After you get your wedding photographer nailed down, the next thing you do is start planning your engagement session. The number one question I get from couples after booking their e-session is: What do we wear to our engagement session?

My first piece of advice is to consider your engagement session location. A full suit on the beach isn’t going to look quite right! Once you decide if you want to go dressy or casual you can really start pulling things together.

what to wear engagement photos

Ashley and Michael chose beautiful, rich, warm colors for their winter engagement photos at Colt State Park.

How to Use Pinterest to Plan Your Outfits

We all love Pinterest for inspiration. When it comes to planning your engagement session outfits, it can be your best friend. Start a board pinning images you love. What colors do you lean towards? Did you pin more formal or laid back looks? What is the overall feel to the majority of images?

Color Palette

When you look at your E-session board, did you like pastels, rich and warm colors? When you choose a color base you love, you can begin to search for color palettes in that family. That’s right – Just like when you paint a room! You want to choose 3-4 colors that compliment each other.

What colors do I like? I LOVE neutrals, pastels, and muted tones. I HATE neon, super bright colors, and anything that reflects color onto your skin. A good way to see if something is too bright is to go into the sun and have a friend check for the color reflecting on your neck.

Time to Start Shopping!

This is the fun part! You know what colors you love, you know what style you want, time to shop! The hard part is now choosing things that you love and that look great. Look for outfits that have structure. When you wear oversized items you can often look bulkier than you are. I you do want to go with and oversized top, consider belting so you have some shape.

Patterns are great. Mixing patterns can work occasionally, but not always. Instead, try mixing patterns with textures to get different looks. Layering is great for quickly changing a look during your session.

Whatever outfit you choose make sure you are comfortable in it. Nothing is worse than heading out the door and not feeling confident. That will definitely come through in your photos.

Not 100% Sure

Send your photographer a photo! We know what will photograph great and we are here to help.

roger wheeler beach

Courteney and Jorge went for a casual beach look. The colors they chose were also used throughout their wedding day.

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