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Backyard Boho Wedding

Cumberland, RI

We all have that one friend that is the life of the party, the sunshine in every room. So when THAT friend of mine reached out because he was in a wedding party, I knew this wedding was going to be a blast! After reaching out to the bride, I knew the general flow of the day would be pretty laid back. She let me know it was a backyard wedding, not far from my home, in Cumberland, RI. See how all these things were making me very excited for this wedding! It’s not often I have a 10 minute commute.
The day of the wedding it was raining. Like, REALLY raining. Of course I was ready for a very upset bride, but I was wrong. I pulled up to their home and was completely surprised. This “back yard wedding” was on a beautifully landscaped farm. From hand painted signs at the entrance and throughout the property, a tent that was immaculately decorated, this was no ordinary backyard shin dig! As I walked through muddy puddles checking out the landscape, I was so excited to photograph every detail, rain or not.
Brittany was cool as a cucumber (yeah – I said that). Her house was decorated to rustic perfection with little pops of Beatles quotes and albums. I could not have asked for a more lovely place to get ready. The rain had not phased anyone at this wedding. After waiting a half hour to see if it would let up, the couple decided to go ahead and say their vows, outside, despite the summer shower. With her BHLDN gown and flower crown, Brittany was stunning walking through the raindrops to her groom.


Boho Wedding Bliss

Mid reception, the rain let up and we were able to steal away for a few photos in what little sunlight was peaking through the clouds. What was amazing about this gorgeous Boho wedding, was how everyone was so unbelievably kind. No one seemed phased by the rain. I even borrowed a rain coat from someone as I was drenched to the bone!

I’d Hit That wedding band was so much fun! Most of the flowers were picked fresh from the property and DIY, except for the floral crown by Valley Falls Flower Shoppe. Tex’s BBQ Express kept our bellies full. Scrumptious cupcakes were provided by my favorite bakery Wright’s Dairy Farm.

Are you planning a backyard wedding? I would love to work with you! Let’s grab coffee!

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