Choosing Your Senior Portrait Outfits

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Choosing Your Senior Portrait Outfits

Choosing your senior portrait outfits can be one of THE BEST parts of the senior picture process! It can also be daunting, with so many options sitting in your closet… and at the mall. So where do you start?!

Style based on your LOCATION

The number one way I start styling session is by location. It has always seemed to make the most sense to me. If you have chosen a beach or country vibe, boho, beauty, and more floral feminine styles would be my first choice. When heading to the city or more industrial setting, I love super chic looks, urban styles, and cocktail dresses! THERE IS AN EXCEPTION! Sometimes the contrast of a grungy area and super soft subject works great – think ballerina in abandoned building kind of great.

What do you LOVE?!

Is there a store or trend that you are completely in love with? Base your entire session from that! For the girl that is great at putting together outfits and accesorries, you are set. Do your thing! I love being in the loop. Send me photos of your outfits and shopping excursions so I an live vicariously through you. For those that don’t have the fashion knack, Pinterest is your friend. Search on your own, or let me build a board for you. After working in retail for 20 years, outfit planning is kinda my thing.

Don’t forget shoes and accessories

Accessories are KEY when finishing a look. Head to Charming Charlie’s for an endless selection of choices! I love hats and sunglasses. Scarves and mittens in the winter and fantastic! Heels aren’t for everyone, but I stand by that a good pair of heels will always make you look amazing!

Colors Matter

I LOVE a lot of color, however, super bright neons will reflect off your skin. If you can see the color of your shirt on your arm when you step outside, that color is also on your face! If you have fallen in love with something and your not sure if the color will work, send me a picture, I’ll let you know!

Wear clothes that fit

It seems simple, but this often goes overlooked. Clothes that fit means not to small and NOT TOO BIG! I have found that, especially with my curvy girls, people try to “hide” under too big clothing. Let me tell you something. Big bulky clothes make you look…. big and bulky. Instead, go with form fitting, flattering styles. Again, if you aren’t sure, let me help!

I have a TON more information on what to wear here! Check it out and let’s start planning your senior portrait outfits!

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