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How do you choose your Senior Photographer?


It’s a question a lot of you are asking this time of year. I’m going to get a little “real” on this blog post. Within the past week I have been told by 3 girls that they HATED their senior pictures. THREE! In one week!!! It got me to thinking.

How do you choose your Senior photographer? You’ve got so many options. There’s the photographer that’s ok with the really good price. Maybe you could have your friend do them, she’s artsy and has a nice camera. So and So’s mom has a nice camera too, she could do them. Then there’s the professional photographer, kind of expensive for just some pictures though.

So why are your senior pictures so important? Fact is, until you get married, this probably the last time you will have a nice photo taken of yourself. Besides the fact that it’s your senior year! Don’t you want to remember it forever?! Senior pictures are also the last time your parents get that memento of who you were before you leave for college and really step into adulthood.

When choosing who will take your senior pictures, really think about how you want to look back at these photos 20 years from now. Do you want to hide them and never look at them again? Or do you want to look at them and think “I was such a little hottie!”. Trust me, when you are 40 and have kids, you want to be thinking the latter.

So this brings me back to choosing your photographer.

  • A good photographer knows their equipment in and out. They aren’t worrying about their settings every few minutes. They know how to use light, natural and flash. They know how to edit and use quality programs & equipment.
  • A great photographer knows how  to pose you so look your best.
  • A true professional photographer has an education in fine art. They continue to take workshops and classes to continuously develop their craft.
  • Great photographers are recognized by their peers, through publications and awards.
  • A pro is licensed and insured. They are usually members of national or local divisions of organizations like the PPA (Professional Photographers of America).
  • A professional photographer will make sure you LOVE your photos! And if you don’t – they will fix it!
  • A great Senior portrait photographer will have tons of senior work on their website that blows you away, not just a handful of good shots.

So as you google “senior pictures Massachusetts” or “Senior Portraits” keep these things in mind as you search. Can your friend’s mom with the nice camera really do the job? Do you REALLY LOVE the cheap photographer’s work? Do you want a good photo or a knock your socks off GREAT photo?

I write this after looking at some of the proofs from my senior portraits. I went with the most expensive package and best photographer in town. And aside from my Courtney Love hair, the pictures are beautiful and timeless. I had my makeup professionally done, I had a ton of outfit changes, I really felt special that day. 25 years later I still remember my senior session. And maybe I didn’t get a ton of prints, but the few that we did get are still on display at my parent’s house. And I’m ok with it because I was such a little hottie 😉

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Danyel Stapleton specializes in High School Senior Photography. With  a love of fashion, she brings a fresh & modern feel to senior portraits. Located in Middleboro MA, Danyel travels throughout Southeastern MA and offers destination sessions to Boston, Newport, Old Orchard Beach & the White Mountains. Danyel offers her senior girls professional hair and makeup at request. 

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