Borderland State Park Family Portraits

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Borderland State Park Family Portraits

Borderland State Park in Easton, MA is one of my favorite spots for family photos. The location is easy to get to, close to routes 95 & 495. Nestled in the woods, the park has a visitor center (with bathrooms), walking trails, fields, and a beautiful stone mansion. The grounds give every family an opportunity to get many different looks in during their portrait session, in a short period of time.
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Although family portraits are great year round, I especially love working in the early fall. Warm days, but not enough that every one is sweat… ummm -glowing. Before the leaves change color is the perfect time to get a summer look without the uncomfortable heat of July. Family portraits are typically scheduled in the morning or late afternoon for the best light.

When setting up your family session, the ages of the children in your family will help determine the best locations as well as how long your session should be. Family sessions with children are always very laid back. If the kids need to take a break and run around to get their sillies out, I let that happen! The happier the child, the better the photos!

I’m also guilty of cracking jokes, making weird noises, and being generally ridiculous if need be. If you have a boy between the ages of 6 and 8, I will most likely incorporate a fart joke. Some things just have to be done for that big laugh.

Are you ready to book your Borderland State Park family portraits? Contact me today and let’s get it set up!

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