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Elyse is One!

 Cake Smash North Smithfield Family Photography

Once again I have been blessed to be invited back to see one of my newborns all grown up. Well, maybe not quite grown up, but first birthdays are a big milestone!

Four years ago I put out a model call for expectant mothers. Elyse’s mom answered and became one of my first newborn clients. Upon meeting her, and her new baby Layla, we instantly hit it off. The rest is history. I’ve been photographing her family since. I am forever grateful for the friendship that we have built.



Little Elyse got to show off her new standing skills during her cake smash. She was a wild one crawling around quicker than I got hit my shutter. I am sure her goal was to rip down her birthday banner, but instead she pulled herself up to her feet. The standing picture is a great milestone for one year old!


Elyse wins Wild Child of the Year!

As soon as I arrived, Miss Elyse wanted to know all about what was in my camera bag. After I gave her the full run down and set up in the family living room, it was time to start. Elyse was dressed and ready to go. As soon as mom sat her in the middle of the cake smash set, she was off! Squealing and crawling as fast as she could to every inch of the backdrop. I was laughing to the point of tears in between photos!

cake-smash-providence-RI north-smithfield-ri-childrens-photographerdanyel-stapleton-photography-North-Smithfield-RIdanyel-stapleton-photography-providence-ri  dsp-cake-smash-providence

Thankfully, once she got the cake in front of her, she focused on eating. Elyse’s outfit was absolutely perfect! Her mom found it last minute on Amazon! What’s great about that is unlike Etsy, shipping is so much faster. Her mom was also a cake smash pro, getting a free birthday cake from Shaws Supermarket.

I have loved watching this family grow over the years. There is something special about my DSP Family. You will always have a special spot in my heart and I am so grateful for you!


  1. Debbie says:

    Beautiful job Danyel and beautiful child

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