Autumn Engagement Photos Providence

Autumn Engagement Photos
Providence, RI

After being together for a decade, these two were so comfortable in front of the camera! I couldn’t have been more excited than to spend an evening doing their autumn engagement photos.

Roger Williams Park Autumn Engagementprovidence photographerNew England fall engagement photosAutumn engagement photosautumn engagement photos providenceRoger williams engagement photosThe Location

Roger Williams Park is by far one of my favorite spots for autumn engagement photos in Providence. There are many different background within feet of each other. From tall trees, to water views, a Japanese Garden, and stone buildings, variety makes the location perfect.

The Outfits

Rich autumn colors are perfect for your photos. While I love neutrals, some deep pops of color can really make a beautiful statement.

Time of Day

Roger Williams Park can be very forgiving with light. There are many shaded areas that make it easy to get great light any time of day. I personally still love those golden hours, but I can sway if this is your location.

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