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This weekend I had my first ever SUMMER wedding at the Crowne Plaza Atrium! While I have photographed many an Atrium wedding, this was the first outside of the cold weather months. It was so nice to go out into the courtyard and capture the sunset. The room had an amazing glow, filled with natural light for most of the evening. It was amazing.

Dragon Age

Caitlyn and Dee had the best “how we met” story. They had a common love for the game Dragon Age. This made the fantasy Geel in me just go crazy! I LOVE when I know I will be able to rock out something unique for a night photo. The brides incorporated little touches throughout their wedding day. Dee made Caitlyn the most beautiful Dragon Age themed heels to wear.

The Ceremony

Shepard of the Valley Church held the couples’ ceremony. It was the church that Caitlyn grew up in and was very special to her. The Church and the grounds were absolutely beautiful! As the ceremony started, the clouds opened up and we were serenaded by the sound of pouring rain and thunder. Luckily, the rain stopped just as the ceremony ended!

Atrium Wedding Reception

Crowne Plaza’s Atrium room is always stunning. With glass ceilings, the room fills with natural light. Dee and Caitlyn had beautiful decor, mint and pink, with cranes, lanterns, and lotus candles. It was stunning.

We ended the evening with the signature night shot. Caitlyn had a staff and Dee had a bow. IT WAS AMAZING! The couple sent me tons of art from Dragon Age so I could gain inspiration. I went in knowing exactly what image I wanted to create. Creating night images gives me the freedom to be creative and push my lighting skills.

Crowne Plaza Atrium room wedding
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Crowne Plaza wedding Providence
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Crowne Plaza Atrium Wedding
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Dragon age wedding photo
Dragon Age wedding photo

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