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Apponequet Senior Pictures

I have had the best time this past year working with my ENTIRE model team! I was so excited to shoot Jenna’s fall session! She was willing to let me take the reigns and choose some… unusual… senior picture locations.

Jenna had the pleasure of getting her hair and makeup done with Samantha from Salon Amour. The loose curls and natural makeup really looked gorgeous. Sam really stands above a lot of other make up artists using airbrush makeup. Airbrushing really leaves your face absolutely flawless!

In true adventure style, we started our session at an abandoned mill in Middleboro. Of course, it started to downpour as soon as we got there. But we cranked out a few photos, Jenna seeking shelter under my flash umbrella.

We then headed over to an elementary school. Yup- that’s right! I told you we chose some unusual spots! The urban look of the brick and concrete was just what I was looking for. You don’t always need to trek to Boston to get a bit of that city girl feel!

But the highlight of my day with Jenna was a very special place near my home in Middleboro. Ever since moving here, I have wanted to shoot in the cranberry bogs behind my house. Because I’m not from this area originally, I am not used to seeing bogs. They are something very special to this area. I think sometimes locals overlook their beauty.

Even with some rain and storm clouds, the bogs at sunset were gorgeous. My husband had been out the night before and reported back there were some coyotes in the area, so that made it even more fun! I think I scanned the treeline every 2 minutes to make sure we didn’t have any company!

Jenna was awesome. Barefoot, laughing, and willing to try all the crazy poses I thew at her!


Jenna- You are a beautiful girl, inside and out. Thank you for supporting my photography this year. I wish you the best senior year ever! I can’t wait to see you transform from high school girl to a young woman over the next few years. That will ALWAYS be my favorite part of working with Seniors. We will always stay in touch. I will always be a friend. You will forever be a part of the DSP Family.  <3


Danyel Stapleton Photography specializes in high school senior portrait photography in Southern Massachusetts. Located in Middleboro, MA, Danyel works with seniors from all over the state. With a love of fashion, Danyel is committed to bringing a Fresh & Modern feel to your senior pictures.

  1. Pixie Crumbs says:

    Fantastic Images <3

  2. Sharon Humphrey Whitehall says:

    I love all of these images. Amazing!

  3. Amanda O'Donoughue says:

    Looking good Danyel!

  4. Deanna Reyna Vereb says:

    You are ROCKIN’ it here! And your beautiful models of course! These are great!

  5. Toni Johnson says:

    Amazing photos, Danyel!! You rock the seniors!

  6. Tamela Weese Martin says:

    These are gorgeous!!

  7. Kelly Shumaker says:

    Another amazing senior session Danyel! Beautiful photos and amazing work! Of course it helps to have a beautiful subject! 🙂

  8. Dawn says:

    Wow, these are stunning!

  9. Kathleen says:

    Your work is stellar.

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