5 Reasons I LOVE Micro-Weddings

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Last year brought about some new wedding terms: minimony, micro-weddings, #COVIDCouple, #LoveIsNotCancelled. We in the wedding industry are rolling with the punches. There has been a lot of GREAT things to come out of 2020, including downsized weddings! So long to the affair and hello to small, intimate nuptials. Here are 5 reasons I LOVE micro weddings!

#1 – Less Stress

There is a big difference in organizing 200 people versus 40 people. Arranging seating becomes easier. The time you spend going table to table is cut by more than half! You may actually get to relax, enjoy your dinner, and even spend some QT with your new SPOUSE at your wedding. These things are rare at large weddings. Couples spend most of their time getting pulled in 100 different directions by all their guests. Micro-weddings are a great way to spend more time having fun and less time running around on your wedding day.

#2 – Save some cash

With less mouths to feed, your overall expenses go down. From food, to favors, each guest costs the typical couple $100 or more. Factor in what you save on not only catering, but rentals, favors, wedding party gifts, etc.

First, who wouldn’t like some extra savings can go towards your life together? When you get married your financial planning really starts. Having a little extra to go into savings can be a big help! Other options for that extra cash flow could be a downpayment on a home, a honeymoon fund, home repairs, the options are endless!

#3 – Micro-Weddings: Bougie instead of Big

This is my favorite. So many of us have Pinterest boards filled with our dream wedding aesthetic, but can’t really afford all those luxuries. Cutting down the guest list is a great way to go from big to bougie! You can get those extra florals, go with the more expensive gown, strut down the aisle in new Lou Boutins, the options are endless!

Side note – I decided on the micro-wedding option prior to COVID for this very reason. I knew I had a small budget, but wanted to ensure my wedding looked straight out of a styled shoot.

#4 – Your Closest Friends and Family

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a couple tell me they don’t know half the guests at their wedding. That’s absolutely crazy. The best part of my job is watching couples truly connect with each and every one of their guests. There are no awkward hugs or introductions, just laughter, camaraderie, and genuine joy.

#5 – Keep the Wedding Date You Planned

Unfortunately, not every micro-wedding is planned. This year has definitely forced some couples to cut down, or to reschedule. Some couples are rescheduling 2, 3 and even 4 times! Every time you reschedule it’s not only stressful, but you take the chance of losing some of the vendors you fell in love with.

It may be hard to tell some guests that you are downsizing, but you get to keep the excitement that has built up throughout the planning process. Save the big party for later and have a kick ass cookout when you can!

Micro-Weddings for the win!

All in all, these smaller weddings will always steal my heart. So much so I couldn’t imagine my own wedding any differently! If you need help planning your micro-wedding… or any other kind of wedding, shoot me a message!

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