35 Years & Counting!

What makes a successful marriage? I am still learning, but my Dad told me on my (first) wedding day, “Don’t go to bed angry”. I didn’t follow his advise and am now on round two…

My Mom has taught me I can not change someone. I need to pick and choose my battles. And most of all, I need to love and support my husband at all times. Needless to say, I am older and wiser, and follow my parents advise now.

This July, Dick & Teri DeBoise will be married 35 years! I am so blessed to have such wonderful, caring parents in my life. I will always look to them as my role models. I hope that in 2046 I will be just as happy celebrating 35 years with my husband.

Love you Mom & Dad! Happy Anniversary!



  1. Mom says:

    Thank you. Your father and I appreciate your comments. You and your family are greatly loved and are in our hearts.

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